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Your DroneDeploy imagery can be imported into your Climate FieldView account where you can analyze crop health, scout, and build customized fertility plans for your fields.

With the Climate app, you can seamlessly import existing field boundaries from your Climate FieldView account for flight planning in DroneDeploy. You can then export your orthomosaic, plant health and elevation maps to your Climate FieldView account to analyze your crop health, create scripts, and scout based on DroneDeploy’s aerial data.

Follow along to import your DroneDeploy data into the Climate FieldView app!

Importing your DroneDeploy Plant Health Map

Step 1 - Please install the Climate FieldView app to your DroneDeploy account.

Alternatively, you can search the app directly from your DroneDeploy account by navigating to the App Market icon in the top bar on your main dashboard screen. You can then search for the Climate app and install it from there.

Climate FieldView Account is required
You will need to create or have an existing account with Climate FieldView in order to import your data from DroneDeploy.

Step 2 - Plan a flight as you normally would. Then, locate the Climate app on your DroneDeploy data page. The app will be located in the left panel below your "Advanced" drop-down menu.

You can also select your field boundary directly from the Climate FieldView app to import as your flight plan. If your field has multiple boundaries, the boundaries will be merged and you can edit your flight plan as needed.

Step 4 - Fly your field and upload your data. You can enable Live Map as you capture your images.

Step 5 - Once your map has completed processing, you can proceed to export your map to the Climate FieldView app. We support GeoTIFF, JPG, or PDF file formats of the orthomosaic, plant health, or elevation map.

Export Processing Time
Exports can take up to 1-2 hours to process depending on the size of your export. You will receive an email from DroneDeploy once we process your export, and you will also receive another email from Climate FieldView once they have received it.

You can check that your data is successfully processing under "Existing Exports". The exported file will be sent to your email once it has completed processing.

Step 6 - Your exported image will be matched to a field within the Climate FieldView based on the geography of your field. A new field will automatically be created if no field exists in close proximity. If the image wasn't matched to the expected field, check your DataInbox to see which field the image was matched to.

Analyzing your DroneDeploy data in Climate FieldView

Step 1 - Please proceed to log-in to the Climate FieldView app to view your image layers.

Viewing Image Layers only available on Climate FieldView iOS app
Please note that third-party image layers in Climate are only available on Climate FieldView's IOS app. Unfortunately, you cannot view your DroneDeploy data in the Climate app via the web or on the Android app.

Step 2 - You can now navigate to the Script Creator to start adding customized prescriptions to your imported field. Please select the DroneDeploy image from "In-Season" imagery or the "Scouting" option to use as your background layer.

Note: You may need to select the right year associated with the year the image was generated.

Step 3 - Manage your field variability in the Climate app by building customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields. As a reminder, ground-truthing your data is always recommended!

Additional FAQs

Do I need to be a paying DroneDeploy customer to use the Climate FieldView app?
Yes, you need to be a paying customer to export imagery layers. You don’t need to be a paying customer in Climate to use the imagery for scouting.

Is this app available with my subscription?
It is available for Precision Ag Package, Individual, Advanced, Teams, and Enterprise customers.

What data do I receive from Climate?
Shapefiles of field boundaries to use for flight planning.

When will I know if an export is ready in FieldView? How long does the export take?
Once DroneDeploy’s export is ready, you will receive an email from DroneDeploy. We will automatically export to Climate FieldView. Once Climate is done processing the export, you will receive an email from Climate that the image is ready to be viewed. This can take up to 1-2 hours as it is not instantaneous.

Where can I find the image in Climate FieldView?
Climate FieldView will automatically associate the image to the nearest field. If a field is not near the image location, Climate FieldView will create a new field for you.

Why can't I load the export image on Desktop in Climate FieldView?
Climate FieldView currently does not support images on desktop. It only supports images on iOS.

Can I filter a field by farm?
Currently, the Climate FieldView Integration only allows for retrieval of all fields. You can’t filter by farm or client, unfortunately.

How does a field import multiple field boundaries?
The Climate FieldView Integration will merge all boundaries on a field into one polygon when imported into DroneDeploy. You can then edit the flight boundaries within DroneDeploy.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Climate FieldView app?
Please direct any questions related to viewing and managing your Climate Fieldview data to

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