Mission Chaining

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Users in DroneDeploy can now chain together multiple flight plans into one mission without having to land.
Available on iOS only

DroneDeploy’s Flight app allows pilots to autonomously capture photo reports, videos, panoramas, and mapping data in a single mission, uninterrupted. By flying multiple plans at once users can maximize the efficiency of the drone’s time in the air without needing to land it between flight plans.

Adding Flight Plans to your Mission Queue

Users have the flexibility to plan a Mission consisting of multiple flight plans from the ground. Pilots may also add additional flight plans mid-flight. By adding new plans mid-flight a user can begin an autonomous mission after a manual takeoff. This is ideal for takeoffs in tight spaces where a pilot may want to get the drone in the air and clear obstacles before beginning autonomous functions.

The pilot can easily add other flight plans within the project by clicking on the “Add” button in the Mission Queue.

After selecting “Add” the pilot will see a list of the flight plans for the active project.

Confirm Altitude Before Adding Additional Flights
Pilots need to verify the flight plan’s altitude clears any obstructions in the area before adding to the Mission queue.

The pilot can click "Add" to any flight plans they want added to the queue.

Once queued the pilot will be able to see how many flight plans make up the Mission. The pilot will also be able to see which flight plan will be flown next in real-time as they fly and remove plans from the queue.

Next to "Mission" the pilot can see the number of flight plans within the mission. Also, the user can see the next flight plan below.

Uploading Your Data

After the pilot completes the Mission they’ll be able to upload the media from each of the flight plans over wifi or cellular data. There are two steps.

Step 1: Transfer the images from the drone to your device. This step requires the drone and RC to be powered on. Users will need to wait for the transfer to complete.

Step 2: Once the transfer is complete, the DroneDeploy app will begin mobile uploads. The pilot may leave the app and reopen the app to check on progress. Uploads are most effective while the app is open and has access to a high-speed data connection.

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