Planning a Video Flight

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Create a New Flight Plan

First, create a new Video flight plan within your project. You can find this option under "New Flight Template" in your flight plan dropdown.

Video flight is currently only available on iOS devices
Please visit the Supported Devices guide for a list of compatible iOS mobile and tablet devices.

Video Flight Plan

Video flights fly the drone along the path described by the planning screen while recording video focused on a single point of interest. We've applied smoothing to both the flight and video, which makes for a great capture every time with minimal effort. Start/End locations represent where the video will begin and end. Estimates for video length are provided during planning.

Video plans have several available options to get the perfect professional shot you need:

  • Altitude - Height above takeoff location that the entire video will be shot at
  • Focal Point Altitude - Use this setting to focus above ground level. Useful for the capture of taller structures or terrain.
  • Video Flight Speed - Affects how quickly the drone flies during video capture. Faster speeds may result in regressions to video smoothness.
  • Capture Quality - Choose to capture video in HD (1080p) or 4K. Higher 4K quality requires more storage space. Video is captured at 30fps.

General tips

  • Sharp corners may benefit from adding new waypoints to round the edge
  • Point of interest can be set outside of the video loop
  • We recommend using a 100mbs or higher SD card for reliable video saving

As with all of our flight plans, you can re-fly the video plan over and over, ultimately capturing consistent and comparative data over time.

Video Flight

Video flight supports DroneDeploy's standard pre-flight checklist before the flight. Once in flight, the drone will fly the planned course while focusing on the point of interest.

Video recording will not start until the drone reaches the beginning of the route and will end once the loop is complete. The red recording dot identifies that the drone is recording video.

Supported Drones

  • Most drones are supported for video both at HD and 4K capture quality
  • Mavic 2 Pro video format must be set in DJI GO
  • The Inspire 1 and P3 line are not supported

Uploading Videos

Once the flight is complete, we suggest uploading to DroneDeploy to see your video in the context of your map.

Uploading, processing, and hosting are available for Individual, Advanced, Teams, and Enterprise only.

On navigate to the Upload tab on your Project view.

If you recently flew the video plan you should see an upload card there. Otherwise, select "New Upload" and find the "Video" option.

When uploading a video, select the date that you would like to associate the video with. This will affect which date needs to be selected to view the video.

Only one video can be uploaded at a time.

You will receive an email when your video is finished processing and ready to view!

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