Corridor Flight

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Corridor Flight Plans

Plan a linear flight path with the corridor flight plan, available on all subscription levels, including free. 

Easily map roadways, canals, utility lines, railways, or any other linear assets autonomously with the new Corridor mission type. Document assets and conduct inspections safely and remotely. Screen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_9.20.35_PM.png


Corridor planning is compatible with Terrain Awareness. For non-Terrain flights, you may also utilize offline mapping with Corridor planning.

Planning a Flight

To plan a corridor flight on an existing project, navigate to the Fly tab at the top of the map. If you haven't created a project yet, learn how to do so here.




Select Corridor from the flight plan list.



On the map view, you'll notice two white waypoints representing the start and end point of the plan.



Manipulate the waypoints to the desired start and end point. Use the grey plus sign point to add vertices to the plan, and shape the path.


Adjusting the Settings

Corridor Width

Adjusting the corridor width will increase the area processed. The dashed line will represent the crop/processing boundary. To have a wider corridor with more passes, increase the width. DroneDeploy will automatically add legs to the plan to achieve the overlap needed for the mapped area.



A wider corridor = more legs: Screen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_9.36.47_PM.png

Flight Altitude

Similar to corridor width, adjusting the flight altitude will affect the number of legs needed to complete the plan. For example, a higher plan altitude will need fewer legs. A lower altitude will need multiple legs to completely capture the subject with good overlap.


Terrain Awareness and Corridor Mapping
We're happy to support terrain awareness on any online corridor flights. Terrain awareness enables the best photogrammetrical results in cases where elevation change is expected throughout the flight. Terrain awareness automatically adjusts the drone's altitude throughout the plan to ensure a consistent ground sampling distance. Learn more about terrain awareness here.

Processing Corridor Plans

Process corridor plans as you typically would with a Map/Model. If you choose to upload via desktop, head to the Upload tab. You should see an option for the linear plan that was flown. You can also select "New Upload".

Drag/Drop or Select your Corridor plans and Upload Images.

Once processing completes, you should receive an email notification along with any other shared members. 

View the linear plan in both 2D and 3D.



What is happening to the Linear Flight App?  This app has been deprecated. Users who had access should automatically see the Corridor plan in their Fly tab.

What mobile devices can I use? Corridor is available on both iOS and Android.

Does it work offline? Yes, linear plans can be made available offline. This is cached to the mobile device.

Any best practices for maintaining VLOS? Check visibility and flight length pre-flight. Position takes off as central to the start and end point as possible, so the distance from the pilot is minimal in both directions.

Is this compatible with mission chaining? Yes

Is KML/SHP import supported? Not at this time.

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