Quick Start Guide: Stand Count

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NOTE: First time flying a Stand Count? We recommend you start with our more detailed guide Before Heading to the Field

If you've flown a Stand Count before and prefer a quick reference list to refresh your memory, read on!

Before You Leave

1. Check for Software/Firmware Updates:

  • To update your drone's firmware, you can do so within the DJI app that is specific to your drone's model.
  • Ensure you run iOS on your mobile device for most supported drones. If using the M3E, ensure you have the latest DroneDeploy version from the Amazon App Store on your RC Pro Controller.
  • DroneDeploy app (visit the Apple App Store or scan this QR code!)


2. Set Up Your Flight Plan

  1. From Project Dashboard, create a new 'Project' button at the top right of your dashboard. (iPhone will be a Blue addition sign)
  2. Create a new project-based location of your device, drag the map around with one finger or mouse, or utilize the search box at the app's top.
  3. Select 'Create a project here.'
  4. Create a project name and click 'Continue.'
  5. Select 'Stand Count' Under New Plan
  6. Identify flight boundaries by dragging the white lines and tapping the "+" symbols.
Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 2.47.03 PM.png



Need more information on selecting the correct parameters? Check out our Stand Count flight planning guide here. 


At the Field

1. Preflight

  • Connect the iOS device to the remote controller and turn on the remote controller and UAS. Wait for a GPS connection to be established (minimum 12, prefer 15 or more)
  • Tap 'Start preflight checklist' at the bottom right of the screen
  • Checklist Tips:
    • If the camera test photo fails, select retry. If you get an error again, select Continue anyway
    • Compass calibration error. Utilize the steps in DroneDeploy or DJI Apps to calibrate the UAS compass
    • If the flight area exceeds the max distance, update the Max Distance setting in the DJI app
  • When the checklist is completed, tap 'Start flight,' the blue button at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Flight

  • UAS will travel at travel altitude to the first waypoint
  • UAS will face North and descend to capture altitude
  • UAS will travel to each waypoint and capture an image at each location without stopping
  • After an image is captured and saved to the microSD card, the image will be transferred to the iOS app
  • The Live Feed will pause/freeze during the transfer of the image; this is expected and will resume after the image has been transferred
  • Monitor the camera icon above the mission box. It will display a count to confirm an image is captured at each waypoint
  • If needing to stop mid-mission, select the pause button in the Mission box
  • If a battery swap is required during the mission, the UAS will return home automatically. So that you know, DroneDeploy recommends single-battery missions for Stand Count.

3. Post-Flight

  • Only disconnect the iOS device from the remote controller or turn off the UAS once all the images have been transferred to the iOS app. Once the iOS app is on the 'Explore' tab, turning off the UAS/remote controller is safe.
  • Older iOS devices may take longer to process the data. Wait until the Explore tab shows.
    Results for all locations were collected before leaving the Explore tab.
  • To sync your results to the DroneDeploy web experience, you can just pen the DroneDeploy app on iOS and connect it to Cellular or Wi-Fi data. During the uploading of the data to the web experience, the Crop Report may be unavailable.
  • If images or reports don't show up after a mission, you can connect the iOS device to a cellular solid/Wi-Fi connection. A blue dot on the top right corner of the menu screen will indicate the system is trying to sync data to the cloud/website, which can cause images and reports not to be displayed on the app during this process.
  • If the system missed images in-flight, is not generating a report, or has any other issues –
    • Turn EVERYTHING OFF. UAS, the remote controller, close the DroneDeploy app, and turn off the iOS device.
    • In this order: Start the iOS device, launch DroneDeploy, create a new project, then turn on the remote controller and the UAS.

Sharing Results

The report can be downloaded as a PDF and shared via text or email to share the results.

  • Tap on the Report tab, then click on the blue 'View link' under the Stand Count Report section (at the bottom)
  • After choosing the Stand Count Report, click the 'View' button to generate a PDF report.
  • To share this report, click on the download button in the upper right corner to download the report.
  • You can create an email or text from here and attach this PDF report.


Do you need help?
Please have a look at the Stand Count Troubleshooting Guide linked here. If you still need assistance, please contact our support team through the Help button on your project or via email at support@dronedeploy.com.

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