Enhanced Progress Reports

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Generate a report with all panos, videos, maps, and photos from a specific date.

Now, within DroneDeploy, you can generate a compelling and visual progress report that contains all of the media for a project's specific flight date. Quickly generate a report including photos, panos, videos, and maps to share with stakeholders. Share the report via email, share link, PDF download, or invite users directly within DroneDeploy.

Enhanced Progress Reports Availability
The enhanced progress report is only available to Construction specific Enterprise customers.

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How Do They Work?

Enhanced progress reports are automatically generated with project media for specific dates under the Reports tab. They are filed under Progress Reports.

Each media element has a customizable caption. This report is easy to share via email, share link, PDF, or invitation.

This report gives project stakeholders an interactive, compelling view into the progress of a project. No more long hours need to be spent compiling different media links to share with stakeholders. It is all available right here in one place! Use this report to update clients, owners, managers, and executives on any DroneDeploy project.


How is this report shared?
Share link, email, PDF download, or user invite

Is this retroactive? Or only on new projects?
You can use this on old projects as long as the media exists for that date.

Is this customizable? Can you exclude media?
You can’t exclude media at this time.

Can you select pieces of media from different dates?
No, all the media must be from the same flight date.

Is any media exempt from the report?
Yes, 3D Models are not included in the report.

Can I delete individual progress photos from my report?
Yes! Just ensure you look at each project photo pin to ensure the right photo is being deleted. Note: The trach can icon to delete progress photos will fade out if there’s no activity.

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