Android Connection Issues

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DJI SDK is less robust on Android platform, while we work with DJI to help them improve the SDK, please follow the directions below to make sure you are able to connect your drone to your Android device.

Android Connection Symptom

When connecting the remote controller to your Android device using the USB cable, the DroneDeploy app does not recognize that the Android mobile device is connected. This issue prevents the user to fly a mission using the DroneDeploy app.

Possible Solutions:

Unplug and Plug back in the USB cable

Look for the notification like the one below. If you do not see this notification, it is most likely that the DJI Go app is set as default. Proceed to step 2.

Notification for choosing an app for the USB device

Changing DJI Go application defaults

You may have to clear the DJI Go application defaults. Please follow these instructions.

Go to:

  • Settings > Device Settings > Applications > Applications Manager
  • Find "DJI Go" App
  • Go to "Set as Default" and then click "Clear Defaults."

Connection issues with Samsung Marshmallow and newer (6.0+)

There is no option in newer versions of Android (6.0+) on Samsung phones to open an application that needs USB access "only once."

What does this mean? If you have already have been using DJI Go on your Samsung phone with newer Android version (6.0+), you most likely have the DJI Go app automatically set to use USB when a drone is connected. Therefore, the DroneDeploy app does not have access to the DJI drone when it connects to the Samsung device.

To fix this, follow the steps in the section 'Changing DJI Go application defaults' to clear the USB preference.

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