Troubleshooting for DJI Drones

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Tips and tricks for flying with the DroneDeploy mobile app.

Below is a guide to troubleshooting common problems with the DroneDeploy mobile app for flight automation. If this is your first flight, please see our initial setup guide.

# Issues can usually be resolved by:
* Using a [Supported Mobile Device](doc:supported-devices) * Using a [Supported Drone](doc:supported-drones) * Keeping firmware on your aircraft and remote controller up to date. * Consistently using the newest version of the DroneDeploy app. * Power cycling the drone and reinstalling the DroneDeploy app.


Flight Planning:

  • If your drone will not take off and no errors are coming up in the checklist, attempt to power cycle your drone, controller and the DroneDeploy app, then try passing the checklist again.

Image Capture:

  • Ensure the storage location for images is set to SD card (in DJI GO). Some drones, like the Mavic series, have the option to save internally.
  • If the camera check fails or your flight does not capture photos, format your SD card in DJI GO. Check DJI GO to make sure there are no SD errors.
  • Make sure you are using at least a Class 10 (U3), high-quality SD card. Using slower or low-quality cards can cause image capture to fail.
  • If photos are overexposed or underexposed, enable 'Set Exposure Manually in DJI GO', then adjust to manual camera settings in DJI GO. Choose settings that match the conditions of your flight.

Mechanical Issues:

  • If the GPS check fails, move away from any metal objects (such as your car) to prevent interference, and restart your drone, RC, and the DroneDeploy app.
  • Errant behavior during flight: Return to home using the house icon on the app or the home button on your Remote Control.
The DJI GO App
The GO app is great for debugging issues. If the drone won't takeoff in our app, give the GO app a try to see if there are any strange warnings or calibrations required. However, **make sure the DJI GO app is closed while running DroneDeploy.** Only one app can have access to the drone at a time - having both apps open will mean neither app works. Please make sure to close GO if using DroneDeploy and vice versa. Be sure the app is not in beginner mode when flying with the DroneDeploy app.

Correct settings on DJI GO. Please note that Return to Home Altitude and Max Flight Altitude should be adjusted according to your preferences.

Firmware and Settings

Most errors are caused by incorrect firmware on the aircraft.
Please see our Firmware Troubleshooting guide to check your firmware version and ensure that you have the latest firmware available. To learn how to update the firmware on your DJI drone see the Where Do I Update My Firmware in DJI GO and Where Do I Check for Firmware Updates in DJI Pilot guides.

You can see what needs updating from the DJI Go app.

Incorrect Settings Enabled in DJI GO App

Within "Advanced Settings" in the DJI GO app:
"Enable Multiple Flight Mode" should be ON.


Drone rises to a higher altitude than expected when Returning to Home

Check the "RTH" setting in DJI. The drone will rise to the set RTH altitude plus the altitude of the flight plan. 


Drone does not Capture Photos/Camera Check Fails

Try to improve the remote control signal.

  • If that does not work, open the DJI GO app and:
  1. Check for warnings.
  2. Try a test photo.
  3. Try formatting the SD card.
  4. Make sure exposure mode is set to Auto (or that 'Set Exposure Manually in DJI GO' & 'Set Focus Manually in DJI GO' are disabled in DroneDeploy).
  5. Try with a different, empty Class 10 (U3) SD card.

App is not Connecting to the Drone

Start with the setup first:

  1. Turn your mobile device ON and ensure that you don’t have any app on. If so, close all of them.
  2. Connect RC USB to the mobile device.
  3. Power the drone ON.
  4. Power the RC ON.

If that does not work, then follow the mobile-specific troubleshooting steps:

iOS -

  1. Go to the DJI GO app.
  2. Check that there are no warnings and that you can take a photo.
  3. Close the GO app, unplug the USB, reconnect via USB, and choose DroneDeploy from the pop-up.

Android -

  1. Close the DJI GO app.
  2. Go to Settings>Apps>DJI GO 4.
  3. Scroll down to select 'Set as Default'.
  4. Click on 'Clear Defaults'.
  5. Unplug the USB.
  6. Reconnect the USB.
  7. Choose DroneDeploy from the popup.

Pre-Flight Checklist Failing (Usually Wrong Mode)

Please try:

  • Restarting all devices.
  • Unplug and replug USB cable upon failure indication.
  • Toggle mode switch on controller.
  • Check DJI app: Multiple Flight Mode = ON. Beginner Mode = OFF.
  • Test using another mobile device.

Failed to set Waypoints

Check that you have the correct firmware version and that the USB connection between your device and drone remote controller is secure.

All Photos are Overexposed or Underexposed

You can manually adjust the camera settings: when connected to the drone, click the left-hand sidebar, select 'Advanced' and click the toggle button to enable 'Set Exposure Manually in DJI GO'.

Please note: If you choose to do this, you will need to set the camera settings in the DJI GO app before each flight.

For further questions, please search help topics on our Forum page.

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