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Your DroneDeploy Organization lets you maintain security, manage user permissions, and keep track of your drone operations efficiently. Adding users facilitates safety through user activity logging. Collaboration tools and sharing allow you to keep information centralized amongst your team.
Now that you have Created an Organization, it is time to add members and collaborate. It's quick and simple to do.

In your DroneDeploy dashboard, click on Organization Settings in the sidebar.

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To see your User List, select Users from the left side panel.

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User Management

From this page, you will see a list of all members, external users and invitees to your organization. You can manage your user base here through invitations. You can also use this list to control members' project access, flight, and upload abilities.


Invite a user using the Invite button in the top right:

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This will open a modal to add one more users to the organization. Use a comma to separate the different emails. 

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Use the drop down to choose their member status. Most users will be "Members". You can also choose to give someone the role of "Admin" which will allow them to access Organization Settings, User Pages, and all organization projects. 

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Verify that the email address is typed correctly. Once verified, click the blue Invite button. This will automatically trigger a welcome email to be sent to your colleague.

User Invitations may be sent to Spam
Depending on your company's IT settings, welcome emails may be sent to Spam. Please check the Spam folder if the user does not receive an invitation to create a DroneDeploy login.

The newly invited user will now appear as a registered user under your Organization. They will have one of the following statuses:

User's invite is pending their acceptance. Have the user check their email and accept! If the user has accepted, ensure they've updated their name in Preferences.


There may have been an issue with inputted email or the delivery. You may consider removing and re-adding the user to the organization. 


User is successfully added to the organization! Happy mapping!

Once invited, you can update the users' role anytime:


You can also use this section to review the project access the user has, as well as their ability to fly or upload data.


What permissions does each user type have?

Admin can add/remove users in an organization, see all equipment, pilots, reports, change preflight checklists, change branding.

Edit can upload, edit, share, and comment on data in any project or folder they have access to. They can also delete empty folders or projects that they created (e.g. by mistake).

View only can view data in any project or folder they have access to. They cannot upload or process new datasets.

For more information, please contact your Enterprise Customer Success Manager.

What can Organization members access?

As the Organization owner, you control the user access.

Enterprise Organization members:

  • Can upload drone data to create maps.
  • Can view maps that you have shared with them. They cannot see the maps in your account unless the maps are shared with them.


Scenario 1:
One of your clients is a long-term contract, and you would like them to access maps and data exports through the DroneDeploy portal.

Adding your client to your Organization means that they:

  • Will see only maps you share with them as well as any annotations (such as volume measurements) you make on the maps. They will not see any maps you do not share to their account.
  • Can export the maps in their account.
  • Can create new annotations on their maps.

Scenario 2:

You are your company's main pilot and drone data analyst. You would like to share your findings with others in your company and give them access to the maps.

Adding your colleague to your Organization means:

  • They will see maps you share to them, as well as annotations on the maps.
  • They can export the data on their account.
  • They can create and annotate new maps.
  • They will not see maps that you have not shared with them. This is useful in order to organize multiple projects by team.

Please contact or your Enterprise Customer Success Manager with any further questions!

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