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The Analytics Dashboard is your in-app solution for gaining deeper insights into your project usage, capture, and data analysis. With this powerful feature, you can effortlessly track and visualize key statistics, ensuring that you remain in full control of your reality capture program.

The Overview Section 

The Overview section offers users a high-level perspective of all projects within your organization. The size of the bubbles on the map represents the level of "activity" on each project. This measurement of activity combines total captures, analyses, and media views. 


Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 7.39.43 AM.png


Additionally, activity categories (capture, analysis, and media views) are categorized by parent folder level, with a clear differentiation between external user and internal organizational user activities.

Dashboard filters: 

  • Date range - will filter the data based on the date range of the last activity (capture, analysis, and media views)
  • User - filters activity based on the user name. Includes both external and internal users.
  • Project - filters on a project name 
  • Parent folder - filters based on multiple levels of parent folders all folder structures above the project level would be reflected in the filter.
  • User domain - this filter will include domains of all users who ever accessed the organization’s data.

Example Questions: 

Which projects have the most amount of analysis in the last  30 days?

  1. Use date filter
  2. Go to the “Champions widget,” click analysis, and filter it down to the top 5 projects 
  3. Select a project and filter by project 
  4. Click on a project link in the table to access the project. 


Which user has done the most captures in the last month? 

  1. Use date filter
  2. Scroll down to the “Champions widget,” click captures, and filter it down to the top 5 users 
  3. Select a user and filter by user 
  4. Click on a project link in the table to access the project. 




The Activity Dashboard shares the same filters as the Overview Dashboard, enabling users to refine data based on date, user, project, parent folder, and user domain. This dashboard introduces advanced filtering options, including activity type, and sub-type, as well as detailed breakdowns of activities such as capture by media type, media views, and analysis.


Dashboard filters: 

Activity Dashboard adds two more global filters:

  • Activity type - allows to filter four types of activity: capture, analysis, export, view
  • Activity Sub-type - Each type of activity will have sub-types. For example, “capture” will be broken down into maps and media types, “analysis” will include annotations by type and issues, and “view” will split map views and the rest of the media. 

Example Questions: 

Which projects have the most amount of volume annotations?

  1. Use the activity filter to select “analysis” 
  2. Use the activity subtype filter to select annotations
  3. Switch to the analysis tab 
  4. Click volume annotations on a pie chart 
  5. Scroll down and click the project link to view the project


Is my project captured in a regular cadence?

  1. Use the project filter to select your project.
  2. Scroll down to the calendar heatmap widget to see dates when captures occurred.



In the Users section, organizational administrators can access a breakdown of user permissions and view both bulk and individual user activities.

How many pilot seats are taken in my organization?

  • Use the “user type” filter to select Admin users


Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the Analytics Dashboard?

The Dashboard is accessible exclusively to organization administrators.

How often is Data renewed?

Data is refreshed every 4 hours. You can check the last data update time by clicking the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of each widget.

How do I get access to the Analytics Dashboard?

To request access, please reach out to our Customer Success Manager or Account Executive. If you haven’t been assigned one yet, please contact the support team at

Can I export the data from the dashboard?

Yes, each widget has a 3-dot menu and an export .csv option.  Just click the 3-dot menu in the top right corner, and select the download option.

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