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DroneDeploy, like many other power-heavy software sites, is optimized to run and perform best using a specific browser type. When accessing DroneDeploy via laptop or desktop computer, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome

Make Sure Google Chrome is up to Date
Need to check if your Google Chrome browser is up to date? Visit this site to check the version of your current Google Chrome browser and update if needed.

While DroneDeploy can be accessed via other browser types such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox, limited performance should be expected. In some cases, DroneDeploy will not be able to be accessed at all if not using a Google Chrome browser. 

Having Trouble Viewing Data in DroneDeploy in a Google Chrome Browser?

Sometimes, clearing potential browser conflicts is necessary to ensure your Google Chrome browser is fully optimized to run DroneDeploy. If you are running into trouble within DroneDeploy while using Google Chrome, the following recommendations can be followed to clear potential browser issues: 

1. Ensure you're using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome as your browser.

2. Clear the cache and cookies on your browser.

3. Sign out and sign back into your DroneDeploy account.

4. Make sure you're not signed in to DroneDeploy on another computer. 

5. Restart your computer to clear out possible conflicts.

6. Restart your modem to clear out possible conflicts there.

Still having trouble? Feel free to reach out to where the DroneDeploy Support Team can provide further assistance. 

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