Define a Coordinate Reference System (CRS) for New and Existing Projects

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AVAILABLE July 19, 2022

Please note this feature is only available to Individual, Enterprise, and Teams subscriptions. 


Define CRS when creating a new project: 

1. Create a new project 

2. View the recommended CRS for your project (it will default to the “most likely” location)

3. Click the drop-down and select from the other options or add your own EPSG code




4. If you do not see the EPSG code within the drop-down list you can add the correct one by selecting “Other EPSG Code” in the drop-down list. 





Define a Coordinate Reference System for existing projects:

There are two ways to update the CRS for an existing project 

1. Update the CRS in the project settings. Project settings can be located by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of the project. 



2. When uploading Ground Control Points to your project the system will update the project to the defined local CRS.

More information about Ground Control Points here





Can I view the State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) coordinates based on the assigned CRS (coordinate reference system) for a project?
Yes! Please see more information on our Annotations page


What happens to current projects? 

Nothing will change at the project level until a customer manually goes in and defines the CRS or it will be automatically updated in the next GCP upload


Can you still specify your own EPSG codes? 

Yes, but it has to be an existing code. Only Teams and Enterprise subscriptions can add custom codes.


What happens with a new GCP upload?

When a new GCP upload occurs and there is not a CRS set, we will update the CRS for the project to the selected local CRS automatically.

If there is a new GCP upload and a CRS is set, then it will use the one that is set for the project. 


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