Manual Flight

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Documentation on operating manual flights


Manual Flight gives you full control of your drone. DroneDeploy is known for providing the best flight autonomy software, but we know sometimes you need to fly the drone with custom control.

General Use Cases

Custom Shots

Maneuver the drone with full control

Take photo and video as you please

Tight Navigation

Fly in and out of tight spaces without worry

Plan Autonomous Missions

Scope areas and check altitudes for your autonomous mission settings

Take Control

Take control during an autonomous mission

Launching Manual Flight

Create a new flight template inside a Project to get started. Select "Manual".

Operating Manual Flight

Manual Flight works similarly to other flight apps you have likely used in the past. Use your controller joysticks to control the drone while streaming first-person view (FPV) and map location.


  • Capture photos
  • Record video
  • Panoramas
  • See real-time location and trajectory
  • Check signal strength and connectivity

Pausing Autonomous Missions

Users can pause their autonomous missions and switch into manual flight mode, capture data, and then reenter their autonomous mission.

Video of switching from an autonomous mission to manual flight

Users can pause their autonomous mission and take over manually in order to conduct inspections at different altitudes by using different manual modes such as video, photo, or panoramas at different altitudes. When they finish doing this, they can resume their autonomous mission.

Users can also pause autonomous missions in order to comply with safety and air space requirements from within our app.

Manual Flight Zoom and Autofocus

To assist in asset inspections, you will now be able to use the camera’s built-in zoom to get a closer look. Autofocus is enabled on the drone’s camera, but you will also be able to tap to focus.


Where can I fly?

DroneDeploy iOS app

Is web planning supported?

No, Manual Flight can only be used on mobile - there are no settings that need to be set in advance of flying

Which drones are supported?

All DroneDeploy DJI supported drones with physical controllers

Are 3rd party cameras supported?

No, not at this time

Where does captured media go?

Photos and videos are captured to the drone's SD card

Does DroneDeploy records logs for manual flights?

Yes, and they can be found in the project settings.

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