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Live stream provides a live video stream of what the drone is capturing during flight.
Live Stream Access
Live Stream access is only available to Enterprise customers at this time.

What is Live Stream?

Live Stream is very simply that - a live video stream of what the drone is capturing during flight. It provides a secure real-time video stream from a drone’s eye view to team members, decision-makers, or emergency response teams. The live stream is sharable and viewable to others within the project or folder.

What benefits does this provide?

Live Stream provides improved communication and context, especially for viewing issues or emergency situations in real-time to off-site engineers, first-response teams, executives, and Command and Control Centers.

Live Streaming helps with faster response times and resolutions, allowing your team to quickly identify issues or gauge the severity of an emergency to provide the appropriate response.

Live Stream Workflow

  1. From the Fly tab, start a new Manual Flight plan
  2. Tap Live Stream icon on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Click Start Live Stream
  4. A streaming link appears, copy to send link to others who have access to the project
  5. Other project or folder members can click the link to be taken to the live stream video

Important Information
The share link will be unique to the pilot and the project, so a pilot can use the same link for multiple live streams within the same project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who has access to the Live Stream?
Organization members within the same project will have access to the live stream.

2. Does Live Stream work without cell reception?
No, you will need a cellular reception.
3. Will Live Stream videos be saved within the project?
Not at this time, but we are looking at adding this feature in the future.
4. How do you get a recording?
The recording will not be available in this program.

5. Does Live Streaming work on iOS/Android?
 We would like to support all mobile devices in the future, however, at this time Live Stream is iOS only 

6. With which drone hardware is live streaming supported?
Live Streaming is compatible with any supported drone that can be flown with the DroneDeploy app (iOS only)

7. Which flight modes are supported with live streaming?
All manual and autonomous flight modes are compatible with live streaming!



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