Sharing Maps with Organization Members

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Enterprise and Teams users can share fully-functional maps created in DroneDeploy with other members of their organization. This allows the full power and functionality of DroneDeploy, even though they did not fly or process the data themselves.

Sharing Maps With Organization Members

Share maps created in DroneDeploy with members of your organization so they can view, analyze, and export maps for themselves.

We understand that different members of your organization (both internally and externally) have various uses for the DroneDeploy maps that you created. Typical examples include:

  • View or print orthomosaic maps to compare actual site conditions to pre-planned designs
  • Monitor site progress over time and keep the project on schedule
  • View Panoramic and Video capture of your site
  • Track and communicate progress superintendents, clients, and other key stakeholders at any time
  • Using 2D maps and 3D models for marketing collateral

Additionally, all individuals in your organization that you shared a map with can do collaborative analysis together.

Organization Map Sharing Availability
Sharing of fully-functional maps is available to all members of your organization. DroneDeploy organizations are available on DroneDeploy's Teams and Enterprise Plans.

Once you share your map, all recipients receive an email in their inbox notifying them that they now have access to the map. That map will then be available on their dashboard the next time they sign into DroneDeploy.

Your map recipient(s) now have full access to the map you shared with them so they can:

  • View all map layers (including Orthomosaic, Plant Health, Elevation, and 3D Point Cloud)
  • Conduct analysis with annotations and issues (analysis is shared among all org members with map access)
  • Export in all (supported file formats](doc:data-export-formats)
  • Share the project with other individuals
Multiple Parent Folder Relationships are not Supported
Our current logic does not support multiple parent folder relationships to a single project. If a user is shared on a project that is owned by another organization, the user will not be able to move projects around to different folders on their DroneDeploy Dashboard. Those projects may already be in folders for the users who own the project.

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