Mavic 3 Enterprise

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Check out this video on all things Mavic 3 Enterprise and some common questions below.



How do I install the DroneDeploy app on the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller? 

You will need to install the DroneDeploy app via the Amazon App Store.

  1. Open this webpage on your DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller (
  2. Tap here to install the Amazon App Store
  3. Log in to your Amazon account
  4. Tap here to download the DroneDeploy Flight app (or search for 'DroneDeploy').
  5. Log in to your DroneDeploy account to access all of your projects and flight plans.

You're ready to fly with DroneDeploy on your RC Pro Enterprise smart controller! Before flying with DroneDeploy, you must force stop the DJI Pilot 2 app PRIOR to opening the DroneDeploy app. To do so, you swipe up on the screen just as you would close an app on iOS.


How do I update my DroneDeploy app?

Please regularly check the Amazon App Store app for updates, as your DroneDeploy app may not automatically update.


What type of flights will DroneDeploy support?

  • Standard 2D maps
  • Enhanced 3D maps (Crosshatch & perimeter)
  • Video missions 
  • Manual flight 
  • Panoramas 
  • Photo Reports 
  • Corridor 
  • Facade/Vertical 
  • Mobile Upload
  • Offline mapping
  • Terrain Awareness


Do I have to use the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller to fly the Mavic 3E/3T?

You must use the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller with the Mavic 3E/3T to fly the platforms with DroneDeploy.


Can I use DroneDeploy on other DJI smart controllers?

DroneDeploy is only compatible with the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller and the Mavic 3E/3T drone together.


Does DroneDeploy support RTK capture?
Yes! Please use this guide on how to use DroneDeploy's instant RTK flight to capture sub-inch accurate maps.


 Does the Mavic 3E have a mechanical shutter?

Yes. However, the Mavic 3T does not.


Where can I buy a Mavic 3 Enterprise series drone?

DJI Enterprise dealers, such as Drone Nerds, are the recommended vendors selling the Mavic 3 Enterprise series of drones. You can find a dealer near you here.

Check out the DroneDeploy exclusive bundles from our partners at Drone Nerds:

M3E with RTK

M3E without RTK



Does DroneDeploy support the standard Mavic 3, the Mavic 3 Classic, or the Mavic 3 Pro?

No, since DJI has not released a third-party SDK for the standard Mavic 3, DroneDeploy does not currently support it.


Does DroneDeploy support the Mavic 3M?

We support Mavic 3M for multispectral processing on Individual, Enterprise, Advanced, and Team plans. We currently do not have a timeline for Mavic 3M flight support.



How can I connect my RC Pro smart controller to the internet?

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network or tether to your mobile device's hotspot.


Should Dewarping be turned off when mapping with DroneDeploy?

Yes, we recommend turning off dewarping in the Pilot 2 app when mapping with DroneDeploy, as this is the optimal setting for photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction.


Is it expected that the Mavic 3E flies much faster than other drones?

Yes, as the Mavic 3E has a shooting interval of 0.7 seconds, it can capture images much faster than other drones while maintaining the same (and even higher) quality of ideas thanks to its mechanical shutter. It is normal to see the M3E fly at speeds up to 36mph (depending on your map size and altitude).


Can I turn on the beacon light when flying with DroneDeploy?

You can turn the beacon on in the DroneDeploy app before or during the flight. You can do so by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of the app and toggling on the ‘Beacon’ (see screenshot below).


What are the DroneDeploy feature limitations on the Mavic 3 Enterprise and RC Pro Enterprise smart controller?'


  • Live Map
  • Live Streaming
  • Stand Count
  • Compass Calibration
  • Zoom
  • Manual Panoramas



Best Practices

    • Force stop the DJI Pilot 2 app before starting DroneDeploy. To force stop DJI Pilot 2, go to the device Settings > Apps & notifications > DJI Pilot 2 > Force Stop.
    • Please make sure all of your drone's firmware is up to date.
    • Please ensure you have the latest DroneDeploy app version by going to the Amazon App Store and seeing if an update is available.
    • Connect your RC Pro Enterprise controller to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot.
    • If you need help, please feel free to contact support via in-app chat on your mobile device.
    • To prevent the DJI Pilot 2 app from automatically opening each time you power up the controller, change this in your settings by going to 'Settings> 'Apps & Notifications> 'Auto start application selection'> 'None.'
    • Offline mapping missions are now available for the M3E. Before flying, save your map plan to your mobile device.
    • Allow location by going to 'Settings> 'Apps & Notifications> DroneDeploy > 'Permissions> Allow location.






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