Mavic 3 Enterprise

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Check out this video on all things Mavic 3 Enterprise, as well as some common questions listed below.


When will DroneDeploy support Mavic 3E autonomous mapping?

DroneDeploy is currently looking for Mavic 3E pilots to help us beta test autonomous mapping today!


How can I sign up for the beta program?

Please reach out to us at if you’re interested in helping us test the Mavic 3E using DroneDeploy.


What type of flights will DroneDeploy support?

Standard map plans are currently supported. More flight types will be supported in the future.


Do I have to use the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller to fly the Mavic 3E?

Yes, you will have to use the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller that comes with the Mavic 3E to fly the Mavic 3E with DroneDeploy.


Can I use DroneDeploy on other DJI smart controllers?

No, DroneDeploy is only compatible with the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller and the Mavic 3E drone together.


When will DroneDeploy support RTK flight?

Supporting RTK corrections during capture is a top priority for DroneDeploy for our precision mapping customers. We are targeting this to be available with the Mavic 3E in early 2023. Today, you are able to connect to a RTK network within the DJI Pilot 2 app, fly and capture with the DJI Pilot 2 app, and upload and process your RTK corrected images in DroneDeploy.

When will DroneDeploy support the Mavic 3T?

We currently do not have a timeline for Mavic 3T flight support at this time. We do support this drone for radiometric processing on Enterprise, Advanced, and Teams.


Does the Mavic 3E have a mechanical shutter?

Yes. However, the Mavic 3T does not.


Where can I purchase a Mavic 3E?

DJI Enterprise dealers, such as Drone Nerds, are the recommended vendors selling the Mavic 3E. You can find a dealer near you here.


I have a standard Mavic 3, is that supported by DroneDeploy?

No, since DJI has not released a third-party SDK for the standard Mavic 3, DroneDeploy does not support it at this time.


Is the new Mavic 3 Classic supported by DroneDeploy?
No, since DJI has not released SDK support for the Mavic 3 Classic, DroneDeploy does not support it at this time.


How can I connect my RC Pro smart controller to the internet?

You will need to connect to a wifi network or tether to your mobile device’s hotspot.

What firmware should I have on the drone when I'm ready to fly?

Aircraft: 05.00.0204


What are the DroneDeploy feature limitations on the Mavic 3E and RC Pro Enterprise smart controller currently?

The following features are not yet supported on the DroneDeploy app for the Mavic 3E:

  • All flight plans outside of standard map plans, including flying manually 

  • Terrain Awareness

  • Mission chaining

  • Live Map

  • Fight logs

  • Mobile upload

  • Compass calibration

  • Zoom Comment end 

  • RC signal strength


Ready to fly? Check out our Mavic 3 Enterprise BETA Guide



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