Making Successful Maps

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In this article, we will review what it takes to make a successful map in DroneDeploy. We include links to additional resources and tips and tricks for what it takes to create a successful map and 3D model. 

Setting Up

Proper setup is imperative for making a successful map in DroneDeploy. Check out our resources below for the best pre-flight setup resources. 

Recommended and Supported Drones

Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet)

What Do I Need to Start Mapping?

Pre-Flight Checklist

Flight Planning & Flight

Flight planning is the heart and soul of a successful map and 3D model in DroneDeploy. Flight planning includes creating a project in DroneDeploy and selecting all of the proper settings for your point(s) of interest. Our resources below are the best place to start learning about flight planning for a successful map.

Desktop Flight Planning

Mobile App Flight Planning

Advanced Flight Settings 

Terrain Awareness

Mission Chaining


Once your flight is captured, the next step is to upload your data to DroneDeploy and have our processing pipeline take over from there. Check out our Data Processing with DroneDeploy article on compatibility and image requirements. 

Understanding Stitching

Understanding the map stitching process is useful to help optimize your chance of generating successful maps. Check out our Map Stitching & Troubleshooting to understand stitching and helpful tips to avoid common stitching issues. 


Want to Learn More About Making Successful Maps? 

Check out our guide on Improving Map Quality with Flight Settings here

Once you've created maps in DroneDeploy, learn more about their accuracy in our How Accurate is My Map? guide. 


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