Advanced Flight Settings

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In DroneDeploy flight planning, advanced settings are available to take more control over your mission. Making use of these settings allows you to further customize your flight plan(s) and make successful maps and models. 

To access advanced settings, click "Advanced" in the Fly tab: 

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Front Overlap (Frontlap)
This will increase the number of photos taken during each leg by making your drone's camera take photos more quickly. Your camera will have a hard limit on how fast it can operate, so after you hit that point you will not see any further improvements.


Side Overlap (Sidelap)
Flying with more overlap between each leg of the flight is the easiest way to get more matched features in the imagery, but it does come at the expense of reducing the area that your drone can cover in one flight.


Flight Direction
This setting changes the orientation of the flight plan. It will affect how the drone flies each leg of the mission. 


Mapping Flight Speed

This setting affects the speed at which the drone will fly the mission. You can set the maximum speed at which the drone can fly. Please note, the maximum speed does not denote the drone's actual speed. The drone's flight speed can vary depending on your flight parameters, such as the altitude and overlap settings.


Starting Waypoint

If you'd like to start your flight from a certain waypoint or are continuing a mission, select the waypoint you would like the drone to start its mapping from.


Gimble Angle

This setting affects the gimble angle on your drone. DroneDeploy will automatically adjust the gimble angle according to the flight as planned but this can be adjusted if needed. 


Perimeter 3D & Crosshatch 3D

These settings are ideal when a great 3D model is needed. Check out our 3D Model article for a more in-depth review of these settings. 


DroneDeploy does attempt to make your camera capture imagery at its absolute best quality. However, ultimately image quality is governed by so many other parameters (some of them listed above), that it is useful for users to check the quality of the individual photos captured as the drone is performing the mission flight. You can toggle the camera settings on to adjust your exposure and focus manually in the DJI Go App.

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