Surveying Onboarding for DroneDeploy

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A one stop shop to review all the key steps to becoming a successful surveying user of DroneDeploy. We highly recommend you review the content in this guide to ensure DroneDeploy delivers you maximum value in the shortest amount of time.

1. Understanding the Basics of Drones

Resources for those that are new to using drones:

2. Flying Your Drone with DroneDeploy

Using the application to launch flights to create successful maps:

3. Uploading Your Data into DroneDeploy

Take data from your drone and make a great map:

4. Reviewing and Adding Value to Your Surveying Map

Add value to your new map by leveraging features and sharing your findings:

5. Download Apps for specialized analysis

Consider utilizing tools from the DroneDeploy App Market in order to integrate with your existing workflows and simplify analysis.

6. Leveraging Best Practices for Your Industry

Learn about tools specific to your industry and from other DroneDeploy users in your industry:

Using Drones and GCPs for Surveying

Guide to utilizing Ground Control Points with DroneDeploy

Geotechnical Engineering Firm Uses Drone Maps While Saving Home from Potential Landslide

Landfills save Time and Money with Drone Maps

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